Thank you for checking out the Telephony plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin is no longer actively maintained.

This plugin currently only works on Android Platform

A Flutter plugin to use telephony features such as

  • Send SMS Messages

  • Query SMS Messages

  • Listen for incoming SMS

  • Retrieve various network parameters

This plugin tries to replicate some of the functionality provided by Android's Telephony class.

Check the Features section to see the list of implemented and missing features.

Telephony deals with features that require high risk or sensitive permissions.

Make sure that your app complies with the requirements of Google Play. --> -->


To use this plugin add telephony as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Get Started


Import the telephony package

import 'package:telephony/telephony.dart';

Retrieve the singleton instance of telephony by calling

final Telephony telephony = Telephony.instance;


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